Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowed In Activities

If you are on the east coast, chances are you are snowed in or will be soon :(

Here are some fun activities to do with your family:
  • Play a video game: We just showed my in-laws how to use the Wii fit. Helps you get energy and have some laughs. We may do some bowling later :)

  • Eat: I am sure everyone has some extra leftovers. Today we have had a huge brunch of blintzes and french toast, leftovers for lunch, cookies for a snack and some more leftovers for dinner.

  • Watch a movie: I am sure everyone either got some new DVD's, has a new Netflicks DVD that you were too busy to watch, or catch a holiday movie online. We have watched Alice in Wonderland (new one) and The Grinch (Jim Carrey one).

  • Holiday Sales: Check out all the holidays sales! Even if you are snowed in, there are is a ton of online sales.

  • Play in the Snow: Break out the sleds or just put some boots on and get some fresh air and have some fun. Being cooped up in the house all day can get boring, so it is nice to get some fresh air.


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