Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Featured Vendor - CupcakeMAG

asi, from CupcakeMAG, has quickly become a new fav of mine!! Her blogs are addicting! She features anything from New York Fashion Week to featured Etsy vendors to what books you should be reading on her CupcakeMAG blog. Also, I love the fact that "cupcake" was a nickname her dad gave her! Casi also has another blog called CupcakeMAG for Littles that has "fashionable treats for chic moms and their babies." Both blogs are definitely worth checking out :)

Q&A with Casi:

What inspired you to start your business?
cupcakeMAG began two years ago showcasing New York, LA and Miami Fashion Week – it was your place for all things fashion where we would showcase exclusive designer interviews and backstage coverage. Once things got up and going cupcakeMAG really took off – we started covering not just fashion but beauty, celebrity interviews, etc. Then we realized we needed a place for Mommistastas to go – a place where we could not just cater to fashionistas but a one-stop blog for moms and their littles. That is when Sprinkles, now cupcakeMAG for Littles was born; Fashionable Treats for Chic Moms and Their Babes. Both of our blogs offer great product reviews of all the hottest must-have items, celebrity interviews and giveaways galore!

As for the inspiration - it can from a mentor, fashion editor Vivian Kelly who I previously wrote for on her site, Lyra Mag. After venturing to a few fashion weeks and covering the events I realized I needed a place of my own. It quickly took off and has grown to a great business! Hard work and passion made it go from a dream to reality. It takes a lot of dedication to make it work.

What exactly does CupcakeMAG & Sprinkles entail?
cupcakeMAG entails a lot of passion, hours, patiences and staff! I have the best group of writers around. They are fun and fabulous and work so hard to make cupcakeMAG the best! It also takes a lot of work - coming up with features, scheduling interviews with celebrities, pitching, reviewing products, etc, etc - the list goes on! Which is why you have to have passion - without it, I would have given up awhile ago but instead I made my dream become reality!

What advice would you give other female entrepreneurs?
Just go for it! Follow your passion and your heart. I really feel like you can put your mind to anything - it is all about mind over body. If you have the passion and the drive you can make anything happen. Just believe yourself and run with it. There may be so bumps in the road but in the end they are usually all worth it. Follow your dream is my motto!

What are a few things people don't know about you?
I have to sleep on my stomach. I go to the National Car Show in DC with my father every year since I was 10. My grandfather was a full blooded Native America making my father a half-blood and myself 25% Native American. I hate flying. I used to be obsessed with the tanning salon. I was a cheerleader all through high-school. I almost went to the Olympics with my Gymnastics team until they offered me drugs not to grow.

Thank you Casi!!

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