Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Featured Vendor - Annie and Isabel

Today's featured vendor is the amazing Annie and Isabel! They sell designer hospital gowns that make patients feel more comfortable and stylish while they are in the hospital! What a BRILLANT idea! These gowns are great baby shower gifts!!

Why did you decide to start Annie and Isabel?

We talked about starting Annie and Isabel for over a year before we decided to go for it. We are sisters, registered nurses, and have 6 boys between us... so, it was a BIG decision to start a company. We have listened to our patients at work complain about hospital gowns for over a decade. We dreamed about providing people, who either have to spend time in hospital or recover at home, an alternative to the standard issued hospital gown. We've created a direct to consumer hospital gown that gives people back their dignity and also makes them feel more stylish during their hospital stay. When someone wears an Annie and Isabel hospital gown they know it is THEIR own gown and that they are the ONLY person that has worn it. More importantly, our hospital gowns cover your backside!

What exactly does Annie and Isabel entail?

Annie and Isabel is a company that sells designer hospital gowns for anyone having to spend time in the hospital. This includes people having babies, people in the hospital due to an illness or surgical procedure, cancer patients having to undergo radiation treatments (these treatments require patients to wear gowns, often done on a daily basis), hospice patients, etc. Our gowns are made of 100% high quality fabric and are made in the USA!!

Annie and Isabel hospital gowns make great baby shower gifts. I think our greatest satisfaction, however, has been selling them to people who have bought them for sick friends or loved ones in the hospital. We almost always get feedback from these customers about how it was so nice to be able to give something to their friend or loved one that actually brought a smile to their face during a difficult time. Who would have thought that a hospital gown could bring a smile to someone's face??

We have been so overwhelmed with the responses we have received about our hospital gowns. We receive tons of testimonials. Many are from new moms and many are very inspirational from cancer survivors and teenagers that have amazingly overcome cancer and cardiac arrest. If you need some inspiration in your life then read some of these stories here -> TESTIMONIALS.

All of our hospital gowns are named after people in our family who have inspired us and loved us. Each hospital gown comes with a story about the person the gown was named after and why they inspire us in hopes that they will also inspire the person who wears that gown. You can read these stories here ->NAMING OF THE GOWNS

What advice do you have to other female entrepreneurs?

If you have an idea or a dream... You can do it! There are so many inspiring entrepreneurs out there to help and support you. With the internet you can start small and grow your business as fast or slow as you would like! We have such busy lives with our families and jobs as nurses that we are taking a "grass roots" approach to our business and have been thrilled with our steady success...actually amazed! We both believe in our product and the joy it brings to others and that is what keeps us going. We think that is SO important because it is hard work to run a company. It takes a lot of energy and time but when you have a passion for what you are doing, as we do, it helps drive you to succeed!! So...if you have that passion then we encourage you to follow your dream. You might regret it otherwise.

What are 3 things people don't know about you?

1.We both have claims to fame when it comes to the sport of Basketball. Selena played for the only basketball team at her high school (St. Francis High School in Sacramento) that ever won a California State Championship. Anna also played basketball at St. Francis High School and then went on to play at Santa Clara University where she was a part of the only Santa Clara Women's Basketball team that won the NIT.

2. They have seen too many naked men and women to count work that is :-)

3. While we have named all of our hospital gowns after women in our family who were influential to us....we have also named all of our six boys after influential men in our family that we have looked up to and have been inspired by.

Thank you Annie and Selena!

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