Friday, November 12, 2010


HAVE YOU HEARD OF HEATED YOGA?? I never did 4 years ago either but once I started doing it, I was hooked. For a while, my friend and I were on a great workout plan, which consisted of spinning twice a week and heated yoga once a week! It was so amazing to have a schedule and a workout buddy! However, things changed when my friend had her baby, who is so adorable! I lost my workout buddy and my motivation :( Then I went to London for 2 months for work and packed on a few pounds, which I lost for my wedding.


Now I am forced to get back into some kind of routine right in the middle of the holidays, which means yummy food, plus all the traveling doesn't help! HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?

Well I have decided HEATED YOGA is the way to go. I love the way it makes me feel. My body seems slimmer and longer, which I never felt from running.

Empowered Yoga - Wilmington, DE

When I did heated yoga a few years ago, I stuck to the below two classes. They are a little different from each other, which keeps it interesting. The Vinyasa class is a little repetitive, so I tend to do that one less.

Stationary Sequence —A full body sequence of postures for beginners to advanced practitioners. Postures promote strength and flexibility while fostering deeper levels of concentration.

Vinyasa —- This class takes the principles taught in the Stationary Sequence into a dynamic flow using the breath to link postures. Increase your lung capacity and mental alertness through yogic breathing while tapping into your ability to calm the body, mind, and emotions. A physically challenging and spiritually fulfilling class.

I just tried a new class that focuses on the core, which is what I desperately need. I do not want people to think I have a bun in the oven (yet!).

Core Awakening - This is a 60 minute class that will focus on Core based movements in four different planes of motion. You will focus on toning and strengthening from the Core and mindfully moving from that awareness. You will experience uplifting music, sound therapeutic alignment principles and receive heart-felt inspiration.

If you have not tried heated yoga, it is definitely worth trying. Make sure to bring a yoga mat, water, sweat towel and a peaceful mind :)

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