Monday, October 4, 2010


Since I was a little girl, I always heard a lot about Scotland! My great-grandmother was from Scotland and had a true Scottish last name "Hunter". My grandmother always has thistles and Scottish plaid all over the house. I never knew how much Scotland would play a role in my life as an adult. Last summer I went to London for two months for work. My boyfriend at the time was planning on coming over to visit me about a month into my stay there. We both had already been to London and Paris, so we thought we would plan a trip to Scotland. To my surprise, he planned the whole trip! The trip started out terrible because we had to take a train to the airport, then our flight was delayed. We ended up not arriving in Edinburgh until about midnight that Friday. We grabbed a pizza and went to our hotel. It was SO nice, especially since I was staying in this crappy hotel in London for 2 months. The next morning we were about to walk about the door to take a train to see a castle and Pete goes, "Pack up your stuff. I have a surprise for you later." Needless to say, I asked all day for clues what the surprise was. Around 2pm we got back to Edinburgh, grabbed our bags and jumped in a cab. We drove for a good 25 min to what seemed like out of civilization and out of the city. Finally, we pull up to this beautiful castle and I yell, "IS THIS WHERE WE ARE STAYING". I was so excited!! There was this beautiful wedding that just finished and I joked that we should just get married while we were here. Pete checked in and this guy in a Scottish kilt walked us up these old steps. We walked into the room and it was so amazing. Just like you would think a castle would look. There were roses on the bed and champagne. I thought it was standard to every room :) I start unpacking (have a little bid of ADD) and turn around to find him on one knee.
I can honestly say I was SO shocked and had NO idea. That was the beginning of the rest of my life and my grandmother was thrilled it happened in Scotland :) Almost 9 months later we got married in the Dominican Republic and I have had a huge smile on my face ever since!

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