Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Featured Vendor - Preppy Poppy

Recently, my appreciate for women entrepreneurs has tremendously grown. Since I started networking for my own business, I have met so many great women. I am going to try to feature one every few weeks on my blog to inspire others.

Angela from Preppy Poppy is truly an inspiration to all women. She is the wife of a Navy pilot, a mom and a entrepreneur. Preppy Poppy sells monogrammed/personalized items for children and adults.

Here are a few of my favorite items:
1. Monogrammed Mod Burp Cloth for Baby Boy
2. Personalized Newborn Outfit
3. Personalized Christmas Tutu Outfit

Q&A with Angela:
What inspired you to start your own business?
I started The Preppy Poppy because I love to work. However, my husband has a non-conventional career as a Navy Pilot, so to have a "real" career in the corporate world was not an option. I've always had a great love for monogrammed and personalized items. After great discussion with my husband, we came up with The Preppy Poppy. Now I have the luxury of being home for my children and have a career to call my own.

What types of products do you sell?
The Preppy Poppy carries anything from monogrammed Eco friendly shopping totes to personalized holiday tutu outfits.

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?
I underestimated the amount of hours I would have to put into The Preppy Poppy. There have been numerous times that I worked through the night to complete orders. Balancing your home, family and business takes a great amount of creative planning (usually at your expense). I sleep less - but it is so worth it!

What are three things that people don't know about?
I love rap music!
I have two sisters who are 10 and 11 years younger than me. I always feel more like their 2nd Mommy than their Big Sister.
Before starting my business, I had never sewn a single thing! Oh wait - there was a pair of shorts back in eight grade Home Economics, but Ive tried to forget that ill fitting mess. My point is, don't let any obstacle get in the way of your dream. If you want it bad enough, you will learn and adapt in order to accomplish you mission.

Thank you again Angela for being featured on the Destination Diva blog!

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