Friday, April 13, 2012

Equal Pay Day

Is money more important for men??  April 17th is Equal Pay Day.  "This day symbolically marks how far into the year a woman has to work to make what a man made during the prior calendar year" (Soraya Chemaly).  It is crazy that this thought and day is even in people's minds.

Stastics from
  • The median annual earnings for working (full-time) white women is 77 cents to a man's dollar.
  • For women of color, the gap and its effects are even greater: African-American women earn 61 cents to the male dollar and Latina women earn 53 cents.
  • Controlling for factors like education, experience, job type and more reveals that fully one-quarter to one-half of the gap is attributable to unexplained causes.
  • Women now make up more than half of the U.S. workforce -- this gap affects hundreds of millions of people and families.
I don't get why in this day and age people still cannot understand that a woman and man can both work equally as hard and efficient and deserve equal pay!  UGH  I better get working :)


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