Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Vendor - Eisley Rae

I am so proud to introduce another amazing vendor - Eisley Rae Clothing. I met Alyson on Twitter and decided to check out her Etsy shop!!!! I instantly fell in love. The different fabrics and styles make each of her pieces so original and fun.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Q&A with Alyson:

Why did you decide to start your own business?
Ever since my daughter was born, 7.5 yrs ago I've had a definite shopping obsession.. for little girls clothes. It started with Gap and Gymboree and then I discovered some of the cutest boutique brands like Baby Lulu and Baby Nay. And then… I found Etsy! There were SO many adorable custom dresses, ruffle pants, skirts, etc that I loved. I'd have had to win the lottery to buy everything that I "hearted" on Etsy. I did lots of looking and not a whole lot of buying.

I knew that I could sew. So when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I started making burp cloths, blankets and wash cloths for him. And from there, I decided that I KNEW I could make cute things for my daughter too. So many friends and family complimented and a few people asked me to make their kids things.. and so I decided to start my Etsy shop! Of course now, my daughter refuses to wear half of the stuff that I make because she's "too old".. but I still love making things for little ones!

What exactly does Eisley Rae Clothing entail?
Eisley Rae Clothing is all (adorable) kids clothes! You'll usually see girls dresses, skirts, tank tops, peasant tops and ruffle pants. Our only boys item so far has been the "Mr.Man" shirt. This summer though, we'll be bringing out some adorable little boys shorts that will match the Mr.Man shirts and other applique shirts for boys! Just last week we debuted the new "Lily Pants", they're adorable and perfect for spring & summer!

What advice do you give to other female entrepreneurs?
You HAVE to love what you do! I cannot imagine taking this time away from my kids and hubby if I didn't absolutely LOVE sewing! And, learn to balance your time wisely. I've had many days where I've missed things with my kids or haven't gotten enough done around the house and ended up really disappointed in myself. So, even though I'm home all day with my kids I try to stick to a pretty tight "work" schedule, while making sure that I spend lots of time with my family!

What are 3 things people don't know about you?
1. I always imagined I'd finish college with a business degree, move to NYC, live & work in the city and not get married and have kids for a while.
2. I grew up in a small mountain/ski resort town in Southern California. YES, it DOES snow in Southern California!
3. I do NOT like spoons. The only time I'll use one is when I absolutely HAVE to. They just kinda gross me out.

Thank you so much Alyson!!!

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