Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random thought Thursday - What are you singing mommy?

Have you ever started singing a song and have NO idea how your know all the lyrics?  This happens to me a lot with songs, especially ones from back in the day.  I have not always been the sophisticated lady I am today and I never claimed to have liked the most "lady like" songs. 

This was never an issue until E started to get old enough to understand what I am saying and even repeat words.  As I was going for a relaxing run ALONE last week, I was trucking along listening to my Biggie station on Pandora.  Singing along not paying attention really ... I don't even think I realized I was singing.  Anywho, at some point I started hearing what I was singing and all I can say is ther lyrics were so degrating to women.  I was thankful I was alone and that there was no one around from me.

Then earlier this week I was in the car with the kids and Salt N Pepa came on and I was singing along.  I heard E in the back just humming and laughing. 

It was then I realized I really need to start listening to more kid appropropriate music.  I have since added a lullaby station on my pandora for when I am running and have one of the kids :)

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