Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Addiction to sad songs

I don't know why but I love listening to sad songs, since I normally have a tear in my eye at the end.  I LOVE country music too, which is FILLED with sad songs.

So...I was just listening to Pandora and Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life" came on and I found myself repeating the song.  Not sure why since it is about two high school kids that end up having a baby.  The whole premise of the song is summed up in this line...

 "that mistake he thought he made, covers up the refrigerator...he loves that little girl"

It made me start to think that no matter what happens in life, the good and bad, we can get through it.  Sometimes it is not until you are faced with a hard situation that you realize how strong of a person you really are.  And sometimes that sitaution makes you a better person!!

Sorry for such a powerful post on this sweltering hot hump day!  I promise to write a lighter one next :)


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