Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Engagement Story

My family has been going through a rough time, so I thought I would write about something happy... MY ENGAGEMENT. My BFF just got engaged, so I am in the wedding spirit.

I had been dating my now husband for about 6 years when I had to go to London for work for 2 months. Long hours, homesick, living in a shack of an apartment...I was miserable. We planned for him to come out to visit about a month into my trip. My great-grandmother is from Scotland, so we thought we would take a trip up there. To much surprise, he did most of the planning for this trip. I just assumed it was because he knew I was so busy. That Friday we took a train to Edinburgh. We slept in a decent side hotel room that night. Saturday morning we woke up early to take a train to see a castle. Right before we were about to leave, he goes "pack your stuff up". I kept saying "why" and he said "it is a surprise...don't keep asking me either". We had a great day exploring Scotland! We got back to the hotel, hopped in a cab and drove for about 30 min. We were getting further and further away from the city. I had a feeling we were going to a castle. Finally, we pulled up to the most amazing castle - Dalhousie Castle. This beautiful wedding was just ending. I was so excited to see another castle, let alone stay the night in one. As he is checking in, I am still shocked just looking around. I looked over and there was a chapel and I joked that we should just get married. We walk up a few flights of stairs and walk into this amazing room. I see champagne and roses, which I thought were standard in each room. I start unpacking and am chatting up a storm. I turn around and he is on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was speechless (for once). After the shock wore off, I said "yes".

I couldn't asked for a better engagement. We just got married April 9th in the Dominican Republic :)

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