Friday, March 30, 2012

2 years and going strong

This post is a little premature but work gets crazy in April and so does our social calendar. I cannot believe my 2 year anniversary is coming up - April 9th. It seems like yesterday we were in Punta Cana surrounded by family and friends!!

I cannot stress how lucky I am. I have married the most amazing man and now have a wonderful daughter who just completes our family. I enjoy every day with them.

Not only do I have the best husband and daughter but also the best family, in-laws & friends.

We enjoy Sunday dinners with my mom, dad, brother, sister and grandmom.

We also love our trips to the beach!!

Playdates are sooo much fun now that Emily is getting older!! She loves her weekly playdate with Anderson at Gymboryee.

All this would not nearly be as happy if I was not married to someone so amazing. He drives me crazy and at the same time make me the happiest person in the world. He knows how to make me laugh and how to lighten up and have fun! Here is to 100 more years of love, life and laughter!


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